To be successful in implementing the methodology, every Agile team member needs to be familiar with Agile principles in detail and to apply them correctly (Training). To this end, we offer an option to include our consultant in team’s meetings and to consult you on particular Agile implementation issues (Mentoring).

Once the team have some practice in Agile implementation and builds up the expertise the next level is to integrate even deeper the knowledge through Coaching’s self-reflection in supporting behaviors and skills that will make him/her even more efficient in the long term (Coaching).

When you work with external mentor you win from all the expertise this person gathered in seeing and experiencing other companies doing Agile and what works and what fails and why.

When you use an external coach you win a trustful partnering with an educated coach to maximize self-awareness and increase your own soft skills. The coach supports you through asking questions and fostering self-reflection, and thus finding what works best in your specific situation.

Coaching works both for individuals and groups/teams. In case when the team uses coaching to improve their practices for internal self-organization, the results are with higher acceptance and quick adoption to make them a regular team practice.

What are some situation where you might consider specific coaching session:

Team situations:

Define professional mission statement/ team goals

Efficiently plan and achieve team goals

Resolve specific conflicting situation and improve self-organization

Find out your drivers and decision making criteria

Improve planning/execution/quality/testing/delivery in the process as one team

Giving and receiving feedback

Team communication challenges

Individual situations:

How can I manage my time better to achieve what I want?

What should I do next in my career within the organization?

How can I reduce the stress in my job?

How can I achieve a better balance between work life and home life?

What skills do I need to grow and develop further?

How can I deal with conflicting situation with a specific person and keep my professionalism and relationship?

Developing leadership skills

Preparing to take more responsibility

… and many more


We are trained by Erickson International Coaching

You can call us and schedule a coaching session. We offer a half-price first coaching session, so that you can test it and see whether it fits to your needs and expectations.