Our portfolio is designed to facilitate the smooth transition of your organization and employees to effective Agile implementation. We provide targeted offerings for the needs of small and large companies in three tracks to cover 3 dimensions of Agile transformation: process, product, and leadership. We offer a full range of basic and advanced training on Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP), end-to-end Agile implementation programs (from piloting Agile through scaling to Agile application in virtual and multinational teams), combined with team and individual coaching


We provide a package of basic and focus trainings that enable in-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies and techniques. All trainings are combination of theory, exercise and interactive discussion with participants over the best practices in the industry. These aspects cover 360° Agile transformation.




Lean, Agile, Scrum,Kanban, Engineering practices, Productivity and efficiency

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Product Lifecycle, Design Thinking, Product Ownership, Stakeholder Management

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Agile Management, Motivation, High-Performing Agile Teams, Manager as a Coach

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Trainings are essential and important to build knowledge in Agile. Our programs have broader scope and cover end-to-end support for specific project and aim to achieve specific organizational goal. We provide a set of programs, inspired by the experience with our customers and they are designed to support different scenarios:

  • Pilot Agile
  • Inspect & Adapt Agile Implementation
  • Save Endangered Project
  • Boost Team Efficiency
  • Create & Innovate
  • First time manager
  • Next Generation Leadership
  • Product Managers’ Bootcamp

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Mentoring and Coaching

To be successful in implementing the methodology, every Agile team member needs to be familiar with Agile principles in detail and to apply them correctly. (Training) To this end, we offer an option to include our consultant in team’s meetings and to consult you on particular Agile implementation issues.(Mentoring) And after some practice finding the best solution based on your own experience and self-reflection that fits best your situation.(Coaching) Read More

Workshop  Facilitation

Each workshop should deliver an outcome. We offer to run and moderate different workshops and events, which engage and motivate the participants. We provide a set of predefined workshops and we can design a customized workshop for you. Read more