ScrumMaster is one of the main roles in Scrum and its goal is to support, teach, and coach team members.

In Scrum it is of supreme importance that the team is focused, motivated, and isolated from external influences. ScrumMaster is the guardian who needs to be trained well enough in order set up the Scrum team’s environment in a way that ensures flawless execution of planned work and its proper presentation in front of stakeholders. The aim of this training is to prepare ScrumMasters for their upcoming work, so that they can be the driving force inside the Scrum team.

What Will You Learn

This training will focus on the ScrumMaster’s role in each phase of sprint implementation, as well as in the entire transition of the team to Scrum practices.

In a one-day session, you will learn:

  • How to teach, integrate, and support Scrum teams, and how to ensure Scrum rules and values are followed
  • How to remove impediments efficiently
  • How to isolate the team from external influence
  • How to organize Scrum meetings and ensure they run smoothly
  • How to retain the team focused and monitor sprint execution
  • What are ScrumMasters’ common problems and ideas for their solution

It is required that  you are acquainted to Scrum fundamentals.

Training Outline

  • Scrum and the role of the ScrumMaster
  • Interaction between ProductOwner, ScrumMaster, and Team
  • The ScrumMaster who is responsible for following Scrum correctly
  • ScrumMaster’s role in Scrum meetings
  • Impediment removal
  • Common problems in Scrum implementation and how to deal with them
  • ScrumMaster as change catalyst
  • The role of retrospective in team work and Scrum process improvement
  • Methodology to approach retrospective

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