Scrum is an agile iterative process that increases process efficiency and ensures maximum value to customers by a simplified framework of rules.

Self-organized and motivated teams are a main driving force in Scrum. Therefore, this training session focuses on how a team functions and what are the relations between team members, as well as team and stakeholders.

What Will You Learn

In this one-day course, you will learn:

  •   What are the main principles and values in the Scrum process
  •   How Scrum can be combined with other agile methodologies, such as XP and Lean
  •   The rules in Scrum
  •   Scrum roles and their tasks in the process
  •   Common issues that Scrum teams face and ideas for dealing with them
  •   How to apply Scrum rules in practice (by means of a role play)

Training Outline

  •   Scrum history
  •   Agile values and principles (Agile Manifesto)
  •   Benefits from implementing Scrum

Scrum terms and roles

  •   On chicken and pigs
  •   Who is who: Team, ScrumMaster, ProductOwner and stakeholders
  •   Scrum rhythm (sprints)
  •   Time boxing
  •   Release planning and Scrum of  Scrums

 Scrum Process in Detail

  •   Product vision and product backlog (or where are we heading to)
  •   Sprint planning (or how to get there)
  •   Daily Scrum and burndown chart (or where we are now)
  •   Sprint review (or what we did achieve this sprint)
  •   Retrospective (or what to do and what to avoid in the next sprint)?



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