Foundation Level


Being a product manager is a responsible and challenging job. It is about building strategies, taking business decisions, ensuring that your product develops to meet the high demands of a dynamic and evolving market. And when it comes to software products, you can add the complexity of technologies developing at a super high speed, and posing new threats but also a lot of opportunities to build great products. As a software product manager, you are faced with the challenge to act as a “mini-CEO” for your product, orchestrating the effort across the organization to create, develop, and position your product, so that it creates value for your customers and captures value for your company.

The Software Product Management Foundation Level training is designed to provide you with the framework and the tools that you need to succeed in this role. It is a 3-day workshop that covers the foundations of the Software Product Manager’s role, bringing structure to what needs to be done, and providing helpful insights and instruments as to how it needs to be done.

Target Audience

The SPM Foundation Level course is targeted at Software Product Managers with less than 5 years of experience in the job, as well as to aspiring product managers who want to develop their skills and prepare for an SPM role.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the end-to-end process of software product management
  • Learn about the core activities that a Software Product Manager is involved in
  • Acquire an understanding of how other roles are involved in the process (executives, sales, marketing, development, etc.)
  • Learn how to orchestrate product activities – from building a strategy, through product development, to sales and support

Training Outline

The SPM Foundation Level training is designed in accordance with the ISPMA syllabus and covers all topics required to meet ISPMA certification criteria:

  • Introduction and Foundations
    • Software Product Management Essentials
    • The Software Product Management Framework
    • Product Strategy Essentials
    • Business Aspects
    • Ecosystem Management
    • Legal Aspects
  • Product Planning
    • Product Requirement Engineering
    • Release Planning
    • Roadmapping
    • Product Life Cycle Management
    • Impact of Development Methodologies
  • Strategic Management
    • Strategic Management Essentials
    • Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management
    • Innovation and Resource Management
    • Market and Product Analysis
  • Orchestration of the Organization’s Functional Areas
    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Sales and Distribution
    • Service and Support
    • Coordination Challenges


At the end of Day 3, participants have the opportunity to take an ISPMA certification test onsite. The test is performed as a written examination and is facilitated by the International Software Quality Institute. You can become a certified ISPMA member.


Zornitsa Nikolova

Zornitsa Nikolova is a co-founder and managing partner of Leanify Ltd. – a company focused on Lean and Agile training, mentoring, and coaching. Zornitsa has an extensive experience in software product development both in large enterprises and at startups. Currently, she works as a trainer and a coach with companies and individuals who are looking to apply agile approaches to product development. In addition to her consulting practice, Zornitsa is engaging with startups as a co-founder and mentor. She teaches classes in Agile project and product management at the Software University, New Bulgarian University, and VUZF in Bulgaria. Before her career as a trainer and coach, she worked at SAP as a development manager and before that as a Product Owner. Zornitsa holds an MA in International Relations, EMBA from Cotrugli Business School, and she is a Certified Scrum ProductOwner (with Scrum Alliance), a Professional Scrum ProductOwner (with, and an Associated Certified Coach (with the International Coach Federation).


The International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) is an open non-profit association of experts, companies, and research institutes with the goal to foster software product management excellence across industries. ISPMA establishes software product management as a discipline in both academia and industry, and disseminates and maintains a Curriculum and a Certifiable Body of Knowledge (SPMBOK). The SPMBOK is documented in syllabi that are the basis for training courses and certification exams. The syllabi are available for free for all members. Training courses can be offered by commercial training providers and universities. Certification exams are conducted by independent certification agencies that issue the certificates on behalf of ISPMA. ISPMA also provides a platform for communication and exchange between its members, be it on conferences, in workshops and working groups, or on the internet.

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