agilemethodologiesBasic and Focus Scrum Trainings


Scrum for Teams
Introduction to Scrum principles and rules. This training includes explanations for all roles, meetings and artifacts in the process, as well as techniques for Scrum application. The interactive exercises aim at establishing an efficient Scrum team already in the training room.

Estimation and Sprint Planning
Rules and practices for estimating and planning Sprint backlog items. Scrum planning poker.

ScrumMaster/ProductOwner – Focus Training
Focus on the specific roles of the ScrumMaster and ProductOwner. These trainings offer a set of practices that present ScrumMasters and ProductOwner with instruments for efficient Scrum application, solutions to some of the common challenges, and self-confidence in their daily tasks.

Scrum for Managers – Focus Training
Scrum changes managers’ role but does not make it obsolete. This training answers the questions: what is manager’s role in Scrum; how managers can help their teams be more efficient, and so on.

Kanban and Scrum for Teams
This is an introduction to Scrum and Kanban basics as well as to the possibilities to combine them as required to achieve better results. Interactive games help you understand and learn more effectively.


Advanced Scrum Trainings


ScrumMaster – Advanced Concepts
This training addresses ScrumMasters who already have some experience with Scrum implementation. In this training, ScrumMasters will deepen their knowledge of the process and will obtain proposals for solutions of emerged problems.
In this session ScrumMasters will work on topics such as:

  • Motivating and integrating the Scrum team
  • Working with difficult people and with those who jeopardize the process
  • Governing the process without issuing orders
  • When to get involved and when to stay out, and so on

ProductOwner – Advanced Concepts
This training addresses ProductOwners who already have some experience with Scrum implementation. It aims to provide more in-depth and practical view on the dialog with customers and work on the product backlog.
In this session ProductOwners will focus on:

  • How to approach the definition of product vision and backlog
  • How to identify your customers
  • How to get feedback from them
  • How to communicate with customers efficiently