Trainings are essential and important to build knowledge in Agile. Our programs have broader scope and cover end-to-end support for specific project and aim to achieve specific organizational goal. We provide a set of programs, inspired by the experience with our customers and they are designed to support different scenarios. Each program can be additionally customized according to customer’s specific needs.

 Pilot Agile The program is designed for teams and organizations, which want to start with Agile and still have no experience with Agile methodologies and don’t know how to use them.Main goals of the program are:

  • Get familiar with Agile
  • Prepare management, stakeholders, teams for the change
  • Provide mentoring, coaching during a Pilot project with one team
Inspect & Adapt Agile Implementation Inspect and adapt is for companies, which already have started to apply Agile and are ready to make the next step – improve their own implementation using external point of view,  scale Agile in the organization, accelerate transformation and learn how to strive for continuous improvement.  In this program you will:

  • Develop further change management leadership skills
  • Provide a healthy environment for Agile culture and thinking inside the organization
  • Build knowledge how successfully to scale Agile
Save Endangered Project No matter what methodology for project management you use, if your critical project is endangered or is in deadlock or you are on your way to miss the deadlines, this program will support you. Main goal of the program is: 

  • Analyse current project and used process and identify main blocks and issues
  • Provide workshops and trainings, which will support gap filling and removing the blocks
  • Define action steps and KPIs for success
Boost Team Efficiency This is a flexible  program, which main goal is to raise productivity and efficiency of the team by training different skills and techniques. All topics are designed as an interactive workshops, where the team actively participates and during the discussions and games finds their own ways to develop further. We provide different modules to be chosen by the needs of the team.
Create & Innovate  The program aims to build knowledge in techniques, which create environment to generate new ideas and innovate! Everyone is able to generate great ideas, when is in the right environment and have enough freedom and space.

  • Create product which customers love (with Design thinking approach)
  • Disney strategy workshop (for solving problems)
  • Visualization techniques to visualizing your ideas
First time manager Kick start management is for managers, who are for the first time in this role. We aim to support first 100 days in this new role, by:

  • Training on selected topics
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Feedback and next steps
Next Generation Leadership Agile teams need an environment of respect, trust, and empowerment, so that they can grow and perform on a top level. Great Agile leaders enable teams to unleash their potential by being role models for Agile values and behaviors.
This program is designed to support managers in Agile organizations in their quest to developing a next generation of leadership that creates the right environment for high-performing Agile teams to thrive.
Product Managers’ Bootcamp  This program is aimed to equip individuals who work as PMs or support any of the PMs functions with thorough understanding of the responsibilities and essential tools and techniques for fulfilling those.